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Dave Wax Tailors

Five Reasons to Order a Dave Wax suit

We promise to you that we can:


Save you money on your suits

For example you order your first 2 piece suit made from 100% British wool costing 2,100. Your next similar suit would cost 2,000. The reduction is simply because we already have your pattern to work from and so we can miss out the first fitting.


Tailor your attire to your personal needs

You can dictate your specific requirements. As we don't send work abroad, it is much easier for you to control what is happens as your suit progresses through each stage of construction. We can also make extraordinary suits, such as a magician's trick suit.


Offer only the best of British-made materials

We use a select range of suppliers who we know through many years of use. This gives us, and therefore you, a guarantee of quality. Jackets often outlast trousers, so a few years on, you can order new trousers that we will make with the exact same matching material from the same source in almost every case.


Accommodate a little extra growth

Body weight often changes, so, bearing that in mind that we guarantee our suits can be adjusted a size up or down, you do not need to worry about growing out of your Dave Wax suit. These adjustments cost very little.


Provide extras

We offer hundreds of choices of snappy or plain linings, designs of waistcoats, authentic clan tartan kilts, Cumberland belts, skirts for the ladies, shirts, ties, bow ties and pretty much anything item that can be tailored.

How do I order?

Ordering your Dave Wax suit could not be easier. Call us on 020 8748 5796 and we can arrange a visit or an appointment at our shop in Hammersmith.

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